Comic Book Thorsday—2/4 Favorite Friendships

If friends are the family you choose then The Incredible Hercules is a perfect example of that.  Picking up after the events of World War Hulk, Amadeus Cho teams up with Hercules.  From then on, it was quick to become  favorite series and relationship.  There were times when they were more like brothers, father and son then always friends.  A Bromance if I ever witnessed one.  I loved the balance between emotions and humor.  The two worked together on  level that drew me into each issue and I wanted to keep reading.  Now I just miss them.

I wish there was more.  So much more.  I miss The Incredible Hercules as a series.  Did not like the Prince of Power as much and so on.


Favorite Arc: Against the World, Dark Reign and I don’t know.  I also loved moments in the Secret Invasion tie-in along with Love and War.  The last title I enjoyed because it brought out how flawed Amadeus was, and I just wanted to slap him.